As part of a new effort to understand and empower micro-enterprise in the 7th and 8th wards of New Orleans, Fund 17 is implementing a two-month long surveying effort in a specific study area. This study area was identified by geographer Richard Campanella in partnership with Forward Cities, a multi-city collaborative exploring themes of inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship, urban development and the fight against gentrification.

Forward Cities New Orleans Study Area Fund 17

Taken from Richard Campanella’s research done for Forward Cities New Orleans council.

Our research will explore the following questions:

  • What percentage of residents in the study area are involved in entrepreneurial activity? What percentage of this activity is informal (meaning not legally registered/formalized)?
  • What challenges and barriers exist to residents of the area in starting a business?
  • Are customers/supporters of businesses in the area coming from within or outside the study area?
  • What resources or services are needed for entrepreneurs in the area?
  • How do entrepreneurship rates compare across various demographics?

At this time, we have filled all the spots for surveyors on this project. Surveyors will be conducting data collection into June 2017. We look forward to sharing the results of our efforts with our community in the fall.

This research is led by Fund 17 Executive Director, Haley Burns, as an extension of previous community research implemented in other New Orleans neighborhoods in 2014. This project is made possible in partnership with the Forward Cities New Orleans council and with financial support from W.K. Kellogg Foundation.