Fund 17 is a nonprofit organization with the mission to combat opportunity inequality in the seventeen wards of New Orleans by providing micro-entrepreneurs financial and educational tools for self-empowerment.

Originally founded as a student-run nonprofit, we have now been providing technical assistance, customized support, and micro-loans for three years. In that time, we have served a community of entrepreneurs that otherwise would not have access to the resources and knowledge necessary to grow their enterprises. We empower micro-entrepreneurs in order to empower livelihoods and communities. We prioritize informal, home-based, and small-scale businesses. Depending on who you talk to in New Orleans, these businesses are often just called “hustles.” We seek to transform the hustle into viable enterprises that can support any vision for the future. Learn more about our approach by reading our Theory of Change.

Watch our summer 2016 crowdfunding video for an extra glimpse into our work:


Download our 2015-2016 impact report here.