February Entrepreneur of the Month: Upendo of InterWorldFilmz

Posted on Feb 1, 2018 in Entrepreneur of the Month

Each month, Fund 17 profiles an entrepreneur to share unique stories and promote local businesses. February’s Entrepreneur of the Month is Upendo Na Kushindana, who completed the Fall 2017 cycle of the Fellowship Program.

Interworld Filmz provides photography and videography services for events and various projects. Artists, product designers, and anyone seeking professional photo or video content, will all find Interworld Filmz to be a great resource. Founder Upendo Na Kushindana, a native New Orleanian from the 7th Ward, enjoys the challenge of working with many different clients.

fund 17 interworldfilmz entrepreneur of the month

In 2011, Upendo began to seriously pursue his passion of influencing the world through art, motivated by a desire to exit the service industry. “The money was bad. The conditions were bad. There were no benefits. I didn’t go to culinary school for that,” Upendo recalls.

He recently completed the Fall 2017 cycle of the Fund 17 Fellowship Program in December. During the program, Upendo worked on business planning, financial planning, and marketing with Fellow Rashad Butler, a business student at Xavier University majoring in Sales and Marketing. Both Upendo and Rashad are photographers.

fund 17 fellowship

Upendo with his Fellow, Rashad, during a Fall 2017 cohort meeting.

Upendo borrows inspiration from great African-American photographers like Gordon Parks, and he is influenced by the work of Ansel Adams. After Hurricane Katrina, he published a collection of over 5,000 images entitled “Film is Forever,” as a means to process the tragic events. Upendo’s work was featured in the Prospect 2 collection at the McKenna Museum curated by Gia Hamilton and in Essence Magazine’s 10-year Katrina anniversary edition.


Book Interworld Filmz at interworldfilmz@gmail.com or 504-931-4623. A standard $100 hourly rate applies to most projects.

When he’s not producing art, Upendo can be found running his Kush Kreations food pop-up specializing in local, international, and healthy cuisine.

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