From our Fellows: Mya + Rhadell

Posted on Jan 19, 2018 in From Our Fellows

The following is an installment in our blog series, “From our Fellows.” Each post is written by a different Fund 17 Fellow and serves as a brief glimpse into the impact of our business development relationships between Fellows and local entrepreneurs. Mya, Fund 17 Fellow, worked with Entrepreneur Rhadell Green to grow her skincare business Logic. Below, she reflects on her experience as a Fund 17 Fellow.

This past semester with Fund 17 as a part of the Fellowship program has been a unique experience that I truly do not believe I could have gotten anywhere else with any other organization. It has been a lot of demanding work (enriching work, but still hard work) and I am grateful, because there were so many times throughout this cycle where I could take a second to just look around and be amazed at all of the new things I was experiencing. This is my second year in New Orleans, and I have such a new and profound love for the city after these past three months. Fund 17 has properly reintroduced me to NOLA and some of the wonders she contains, and I am looking forward to what the spring has in store.

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Fellow Mya with her entrepreneur Rhadell, presenting at the Fall cohort showcase.

Coming into my sophomore year I knew I wanted to do something related to my major (Sales and Marketing) that was meaningful to me and gave me actual insights to what I want my future after college to look like. The Fellowship program gave me all of that and more. Working side by side a passionate entrepreneur to breathe life and vision into their business is an inimitable experience. The work is so meaningful, and it is as if everything I was doing had a purpose and it was all working towards seeing this entrepreneur succeed. Excuse me, I meant to say seeing this BLACK entrepreneur succeed. As a student of the illustrious Xavier University of Louisiana, I am forever grateful that I got to spend the last three months in solidarity with a fellow minority, helping her to achieve her goals and set a new standard for this community that is essentially powered by Black people and Black culture. For that aspect of the experience alone, I am forever grateful.

Mya’s entrepreneur, Rhadell Green, creates custom skin care products for men.

But wait, there is more: imagine an experience where you meet all over the city in vibrant hubs of food, music, imagery, and more food. From Roux Carre’ to Artist Journey Allen’s Art Studio (links to video I took at Fellowship events) to Hotel Storyville, I have felt submerged in just good vibes and beautiful energy that is unmatched to anything I have ever experienced before. Overall, this experience is something I would not trade in for anything. From the work, to the staff, and the other Fellows, I feel like I have another family. I never could have anticipated all of the positivity and knowledge I have received thus far from this organization. I am so excited to see what this spring cycle brings.

-Mya Jacobs, 2017-2018 Fund 17 Fellow

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