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Our Core Values

These beliefs inform our approach to providing tailored assistance to local entrepreneurs.

Financial Empowerment Financial Empowerment

Our business services are paired with personal finance advice to help our entrepreneurs plan and save for the future.

Personal Goal Setting Personal Goal Setting

We leverage our entrepreneurs’ visions for the future to create action plans customized to their own definition of success.

Healthy Business Systems Healthy Business Systems

Our entrepreneurs are guided to create sustainable foundations for a bankable enterprise that can grow.

Supporting Entrepreneurial Identity Supporting Entrepreneurial Identity

We strive to add “entrepreneur” to the language of self-employed gardeners, bakers, or hair stylists.

Relationship Building Relationship Building

We build our services on a foundation of trust and communication.

Shifting the Paradigm Shifting the Paradigm

We believe impact is created through partnership, not traditional service.

From the Blog

19 January

From our Fellows: Zeynep + Otis

The following is the first installment in our new blog series, “From our Fellows.”¬†Each post will be written by a different Fund 17 fellow and will serve as a brief inside glimpse into the impact of our business development relationships between fellows and local entrepreneurs. This first post is by fellow Zeynep Sheikh, who was […]

15 January

Check out Fund 17 on “So, what do you do?”

Posted in Uncategorized

Last December, as we were gearing up for our winter cocktail event, a local podcast producer approached us about attending the event and profiling Fund 17. What followed was a month of interviews between the show’s creator, our founder, our event attendees, and two of our entrepreneurs. We are so happy with the final result […]

9 December

Mixing, Mingling & Drinking Cocktails for Fund 17!

Posted in Fundraising

On December 3rd, 2015, Fund 17 hosted a cocktail event for our Charting New Growth campaign. Located at the beautiful New Orleans Jazz Market, we brought in a crowd of over 100 community members. Entrepreneurs Shelia & Khulu sold $100’s in products and all of the entrepreneurs joined us for an intimate Q&A session where […]