Meet Our Entrepreneurs

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Our Core Values

These beliefs inform our approach to providing tailored assistance to local entrepreneurs.

Financial Empowerment Financial Empowerment

Our business services are paired with personal finance advice to help our entrepreneurs plan and save for the future.

Personal Goal Setting Personal Goal Setting

We leverage our entrepreneurs’ visions for the future to create action plans customized to their own definition of success.

Healthy Business Systems Healthy Business Systems

Our entrepreneurs are guided to create sustainable foundations for a bankable enterprise that can grow.

Supporting Entrepreneurial Identity Supporting Entrepreneurial Identity

We strive to add “entrepreneur” to the language of self-employed gardeners, bakers, or hair stylists.

Relationship Building Relationship Building

We build our services on a foundation of trust and communication.

Shifting the Paradigm Shifting the Paradigm

We believe impact is created through partnership, not traditional service.

From the Blog

11 May

Celebrating our entrepreneurs at Pagoda Cafe

Last night, the Fund 17 family came together to celebrate the graduation of four local entrepreneurs from their Business Development Relationships. Over the last six months, these business owners have worked regularly with their Fund 17 fellow to build accounting capacity, strategize marketing, write business plans, open business bank accounts, apply for micro-loans and more! The […]

6 May

We are now Kiva Small Business Advisors

One day, when I was 16 years old, I was channel surfing the never-ending cable options when I landed on a documentary series about micro-loan borrowers around the world. To this day, I do not remember what the show was called but I will always credit it with sparking my fascination of microfinance. I watched it regularly when I […]

25 April

Fund 17 Networking Event is Glimpse into Growing Community

On Thursday, April 14th,  Fund 17 hosted a networking event with the Tulane Entrepreneurs Association at the YAYA Arts Center in Central City. As community partners, entrepreneurs, staff, and community members congregated in the courtyard to the groove of a funk trio, I began to reflect on my time at Fund 17. I joined the […]