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Our Core Values

These beliefs inform our approach to providing tailored assistance to local entrepreneurs.

Financial Empowerment Financial Empowerment

Our business services are paired with personal finance advice to help our entrepreneurs plan and save for the future.

Personal Goal Setting Personal Goal Setting

We leverage our entrepreneurs’ visions for the future to create action plans customized to their own definition of success.

Healthy Business Systems Healthy Business Systems

Our entrepreneurs are guided to create sustainable foundations for a bankable enterprise that can grow.

Supporting Entrepreneurial Identity Supporting Entrepreneurial Identity

We strive to add “entrepreneur” to the language of self-employed gardeners, bakers, or hair stylists.

Relationship Building Relationship Building

We build our services on a foundation of trust and communication.

Shifting the Paradigm Shifting the Paradigm

We believe impact is created through partnership, not traditional service.

From the Blog

17 February

The Fund 17 Fellowship Re-imagined: Training

The following is a blog post from Laurel Greilich, the Fund 17 Fellowship Coordinator, compiling highlights from our dynamic fellowship training held on the weekends of January 20-21 and 27-28. Read about the rest of the re-imagined fellowship programming here. It’s said that an audience’s attention span for a lecturer is about 7-10 minutes. Presentation styles like […]

1 February

From Fellow to Fellowship Coordinator: A Journey into Organizing

The following is a blog post from Laurel Greilich, the Fund 17 Fellowship Coordinator, describing her experience re-designing the fellowship program and our plans for the new program this spring. Read about Laurel’s experience as a summer fellow on her last blog post here. This fall, I embarked on an exciting transition from a Fund […]

25 January

My journey from a national collaborative to community programming in the 7th and 8th wards

In the fall of 2015, I had the opportunity to get involved with a multi-city collaborative called Forward Cities. This initiative between New Orleans, Detroit, Cleveland and Durham brought leaders from each city together to discuss the question, “how can we support inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship to spur urban development without causing gentrification?” Our work at Fund […]

What our Entrepreneurs Are Saying

  • Ed Campbell

    “They were on top of me with everything…Fund 17 was a big help for me and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed spending time with them and it was just fun!”

    - Ed Campbell
  • Shelia Hutchinson

    “They gave me someone to work with that helped me get on track and stay on track…Thanks to Fund 17, I now have a website, a Square, a Paypal account, and an Etsy. Without Fund 17, I would have none of that. I guarantee you!”

    - Shelia Hutchinson
  • “Khulu” Kevin Buckner

    “I always know there is someone I can call and Fund 17 will be there.”

    - “Khulu” Kevin Buckner